India, the paradox.


We don’t live in a country. We live in a personification of hypocrisy.

Where people shitting on the railway tracks is okay, but people hugging on the railway station is looked down upon.

Where a supposedly “secular” country has majority states divided by language and religion.

Where people lead such sorry lives that they have nothing better to do than fight over religion, which, ironically, had been established to prevent the same.

Where people bite back when criticised instead of introspecting and improving themselves.

Where education is a business, and marks are given more importance than knowledge. Where dumb people are toppers, and the smart ones fumble around at the bottom.

Where people standing up to eve teasers are murdered and their justice takes 5 years to arrive, while “innocent” people who run over people sleeping on sidewalks are let off the hook in a month.

Where a cricketer earns more than a policeman. Where the police reach later than pizza.

Where a 2-minute kissing scene from a foreign movie is edited out, and a freakshow movie full of dirty humour, soft porn, and vulgar imagery gets released without cuts.

Where five people sharing a wife, a blue-skinned man cheating at war, and an “honourable” man having multiple sex partners are put on a pedestal and literally worshipped.

Where killing a cow and eating it is illegal, but killing many other animals and eating them isn’t. Where eating onions, potatoes, garlic, and basically anything that grows under the earth is considered to be sin.

Where politicians worry more about what happens behind hotel doors than what happens in the country.

Where things that don’t matter are taken seriously and things that matter go to hell.

Where people care more about controlling how others live than making their own miserable lives better.

Where one person cannot make a difference, because he’ll be silenced either by money stuffed in his pockets, or a knife stuffed in his guts.

Where love is subject to conditions. Where love is looked down upon. Where love is measured by looks, colour, wealth, and family background. Where what the ‘log’ say matters more than your own child’s happiness.

Where it is okay to be an emotionless robot with a good job, rather than following your dreams.

Where people (like me) who have a strong opinion against anything in the country are labelled anti-national by the people cheating their own country and filling their pockets with tax money paid by citizens.

Where rapists, murderers, thieves, corrupt people, biased people, pedophiles are allowed in temples but not women on their period.

Where I’m not even sure whether to get angry at or take pity on this country.

Where everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than others.

Living in India is like being in an abusive relationship. You want to cherish the good parts, but the bad parts are so much in abundance, that the good parts look like alms.

You go through all the shit, hoping it’ll get better one day, but each day, your love reduces a little bit. I’m not surprised that almost every other kid wants to leave the country as soon as they can. And then they miss India only because “Yahan pe sab chalta hai.”

Only because you can make huge savings on traffic fines, get any job done if you quote the right amount, and basically be scott free if you’re rich. All in this country, where money is everything, and even family doesn’t matter.

You can piss in public, but you can’t kiss in public. Gudd bhi hai gobar bhi hai.

Bharat mata ki jai.

(Hoping, and expecting, to get a lot of hate for this, because “Hum nahi sudhrenge.” But to all those who are going to throw abuses at me, I say, “Yahan pe sab chalta hai.”)


Not Today!

Earlier today, a friend of mine was having her regular banged up Monday at work. When out of nowhere, a wild weirdo appeared. As will be obvious from the following screenshots, the guy openly accepted to randomly adding and creeping out contacts from TrueCaller. We all can be pretty sure most of them will be unsuspecting women like Nancy.

But Mr. Rahul was in for a twist in the TrueCalling of his life (lullzz). Little did he expect the kind of response that he’d receive. Now, it might have been a bit on the heavier side, but Nancy wanted to teach this guy a lesson, and hence took to social media. Many advised her against it, to ignore him, block him, and the usual things Indian men say to oppressed/harassed Indian women. But no, not today. Some even asked to blur the guy’s number, to save him social shaming. Again, not today.

People need to realise that cyber/social harassment will not be taken lightly. Even if this person wanted to just ‘get to know’ Nancy today, who’s to say what other actions he might succumb to tomorrow? There’s a thin like between being social and being creepy, and it takes just a good looking and respectful woman for a man to cross that line.

Share this, if you believe in this. If you don’t, well, potatoes gonna potate, you get it.

Also, Ms. Nancy has agreed to keep this post public so that all who read this can see the status she has put up, and probably share it and do some good for the online social community. Please respect that and don’t flood her notifications panel.

Be safe, be responsible. Cheers !!

Update: Nancy’s been getting a lot of messages and friend requests. While she appreciates the adoration and praise, she’d love it if you all comment for her here instead of flooding her notifications.


There was a time, circa three years ago or so, I came across a really pretty girl, with the most glorious smile I’d ever seen. A smile which you would normally describe as a million-dollar smile. And, just like every pretty girl I lay my eyes on, my heart went out to her, in the hopes that one day, I’ll get to be a very close friend to her. Just how I’d do it, I had no idea.

Three years passed, looking at her, waving at her, smiling at her, marveling at her smile, and still hoping. Who would know that luck would have it for us to bond so well, and that too, over Old Monk. Got to thank the classic rum for that! But jokes and alcohol aside, I never knew that the girl I’d grown to be so fond of, had a treasure trove of black clouds, but the silver lining that was her smile, hid them so well. This girl, I realised, wasn’t just your friendly neighbourhood glamour chick. No, she was much more than that, much bigger, larger than life. She was a mother, a sister, a lover, a diary, and all that any human wants from another. She was a superhuman, the kinds of which you get to read in comic books and behold in fantastical multi-billion dollar movies. Yes, she is what stories are made up of. She is a story in herself, a brilliant and moving saga told and retold through the sands of time.

Time and time again, I was reminded that no matter how high my flight will be, I will always be humbled by this soaring albatross. And the best thing about her is that in all her glory, she never outshines others. Exactly how a superwoman should be, right? She’s that kind of a leader who will drive her people forward, whose victory lies in ours. While she’s sitting and reading this little piece I’ve written for her (it sure is little, but it’s from the bottom of my heart), she knows it’s for her. And I don’t expect some brilliant gesture of gratitude, or any tears form those captivating almond-shaped eyes, no. Those pearls are way too precious. And they should be saved for when the time is nigh. So, you, yes you! The one with the million-dollar smile. This is me, and my love, gratitude, respect, and adoration for you. Keep rocking that smile. It’s what we all live and die for.

This one’s for the hot one. This one’s for HER.

Music Review: Pale Communion by Opeth

A brand new Opeth album, fresh on the charts!

Pale Communion

Release date:
25th August, 2014


Progressive/Melodic Rock

Number of tracks:

Track list:

  1. “Eternal Rains Will Come” [6:43]
  2. “Cusp of Eternity” [5:35]
  3. “Moon Above, Sun Below” [10:52]
  4. “Elysian Woes” [4:47]
  5. “Goblin” (instrumental) [4:32]
  6. “River” [7:30]
  7. “Voice of Treason” [8:00]
  8. “Faith in Others” [7:39]

Total running time:
55 minutes 40 seconds

Recorded at:
Rockfield Studios, Wales

Record label:
Roadrunner Records

Band members:
Mikael Åkerfeldt (Vocals, guitar, production, and art direction)
Fredrik Åkesson (Guitar)
Joakim Svalberg (Piano, keyboard)
Martín Méndez (Bass guitar)
Martin Axenrot (Drums, percussion)

Mixed by:
Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)

Cover artist:
Travis Smith

Behold, Opeth! Goliaths of Progressive Music! After treating their fans to a waiting period of three years, they are back in business. The first thing you notice after listening to the album in its entirety is that there are no growled vocals from Åkerfeldt. Yes, sorry Prog Death fans, this is a pure Prog Rock album. Seems like Åkerfeldt has been listening to everything apart from Death Metal in these three years it took Opeth to launch a fresh new album. Nonetheless, it doesn’t discourage us fans one bit. There are some brilliant moments in the 8 tracks that make up approximately an hour of your listening pleasure. Ardent Opeth fans will point out that this album is, in many ways, a gentle reminder of Opeth’s previous album, Heritage. Many elements, vocal styles and musical imagery have been retained.


Groovy? Oh yes, very much.
Melodic? Definitely filled with Melody throughout.

Mikael Åkerfeldt has paid a lot of attention to his vocals and the overall vocal melodies that grace Pale Communion. It is rather evident that Opeth are impatient to show off new member Joakim Svalberg and his prowess on the Keys, and especially the Organ. Listening to the album from the perspective of pure musicianship, it appears that it is, no doubt, in the same league as the band’s previous offerings. Especially Ghost Reveries and Heritage. Martin Axenrot’s upbeat, swift and joggy drums stand out with their pure Progressive time signatures and multiple rythm changes. Martín Méndez’s groovy and fat bass soothes you down. It is especially very distinctive, melodic and punchy in certain spaces. Fredrik Åkesson brings the usual essential Opeth guitar melodies, both on the Acoustic and Electric guitars, but there is really nothing new he has to offer. The rythms are soothing, with some of your quintessential Opeth lullabies thrown in, nevertheless. Very very less of ‘Metal’ to be heard in this album.

The first song that came out (unofficially leaked) was ‘Cusp of Eternity‘. Opeth then released it as the album’s first single on the 3rd of June earlier this year. Taking a step away from the other tracks in the album, Cusp of Eternity is a sure shot impressor. It is sure paced, quick in its rythm and imposing on its chorus sections. Åkerfeldt croons away to glory with ease, which gets a bit repetitive until the song picks up pace and the solo kicks in. Good decision to release the best out of the lot as a single, eh?

The longest track of the album, clocking at almost 11 minutes, is ‘Moon Above, Sun Below‘. A signature Opeth suite, it is made of distinctive rythm and melody changes and it is your run-of-the-mill Prog Rock track. What’s so great about it? Nothing special, though the acoustic guitar interludes are damn sweet. Méndez does one of his best Bass works on the album with Åkesson close on his heels with impressive guitar work. At around the halfway mark, the song is remniscent of ‘Echoes’ by Pink Floyd, known for its weird slide bass pulls, copying the sound of a heavy gale blowing. Opeth pays its homages where they are due! Svalberg does not fail to impress with his Keys and Organ skills.

Goblin‘ is the standalone instrumental track on the album, a staple for Prog Rock bands in recent times. At around four and a half minutes, it is your friendly neighbourhood groove fix. Perfect to go jogging on, or just to be played in the background while working or whatever. The main riff is quite good, though it spoils the fun of the track by keeping on playing in a rather long and boring loop.

For those looking to add another song to their ‘Peaceful Sleep’ playlists, ‘Elysian Woes‘ is your track. Clean, soothing acoustic arpeggios throughout and Åkerfeldt’s mellow vocals will definitely lull you to a good sleep.

The two tracks, apart from ‘Cusp of Eternity’, that stand out in this particular album, are ‘River‘ and ‘Voice of Treason‘. ‘River’ may well pass of as a great attempt at Alternative/Hard Rock. Catchy, sweet, punchy, with equal parts smooth and disturbed vocals, ‘River’ should definitely count if you’re looking for a playlist overhaul. ‘Voice of Treason’ is my personal favourite from the offering. A melancholic and haunting track, clocking in at exactly eight minutes, this track shows off the immense amount of versatility Opeth possess. Svalberg does not dissapoint, proving that Opeth do not take number two as an option. The keys and bass section work so well in sync on this track that untrained ears might just pass it off as one single instrument. The vocals walk just the perfect line that divides haunting and soothing.


Album Cover: Pale Communion. Artist: Travis Smith

Album Cover: Pale Communion. Artist: Travis Smith

As much as the sound is necessary for an album, especially an Opeth album, the imagery also plays just as important a role in the complete experience. Simple, yet mystical, Travis Smith shows why Opeth retain his services  in many of their previous albums as well. The album cover features a Triptych, three painting panels adjacent to each other, on a rough stone wall, with a beam of sunlight streaming in from the left. A golden plaque at the bottom establishes the album name. On each of the three panels, Latin text has been quoted. They are as follows:

Left Panel:

Left Panel

Left Panel

“An nesci, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur?”

(Don’t you know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?)

Center Panel:

Center Panel

Center Panel

“Hoc tempore obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit”

(In these days friends are won through flattery, the truth gives birth to hate.)

Right Panel:

Right Panel

Right Panel

“Ille dolet vere qui sine teste dolet”

(He grieves truly who grieves without a witness.)

Album Plaque

Album Plaque


  1. Voice of Treason
  2. Cusp of Eternity
  3. River
  4. Moon Above, Sun Below
  5. Elysian Woes/Goblin (take your pick)


For the uninitiated, Pale Communion is a win-win situation if they are listening to Opeth for the first time and are willing to follow the band and Prog Rock on the whole. A must listen for die-hard Opeth fans, and a breath of fresh air for others. A treat to the ears!

✪✪✪✪ out of 5

Until next time, cheers!

Almost living a dream (#1)

[NB: I am an avid dreamer. No, seriously! I dream a lot. Like Christopher Nolan inspired detailed dreams. In this series, I’ll try to chronicle the various adventures that I see (and probably live) in my dreams. This is a disclaimer of sorts to state that all that I’ve written is totally true and nothing of it is made up. I’ve just added minor details to spruce up the passage and make the reading more interesting. Thank you for your time! Keep dreaming and happy reading!]

This is the dream that I remember most vividly. Probably because of it’s apocalyptic nature. I clearly remember seeing this dream circa 2000, just before all the talks of the world ending in 2012 started to creep up. Consider this as a sort of false premonition. Again, none of this is made up and is fully true!

Morose. I finally managed to assign a feeling, an emotion to the day that was slowly drifting by. It was, indeed, a morose and melancholic kind of a day, like it was mourning but didn’t know for whom. I glance around, to the lush green pastures that surround my weekend villa. Even they seem to have abandoned hope and are just swaying in the slight cold breeze.

On the outskirts of Mumbai city, away from the hubbub and rumpus of the metropolis, is a small unnamed village that rests in the valley of the mountain that holds the Mahuli fort, nearby the Tansa river. Right in the middle of the uninhabited village rests a big two-storey villa. An imposing and impressive structure, the villa was built as part of an experiment on ultra-modern architecture. Minimalist interiors and the colour brown rule the inside. One side of the villa, facing the falls, is made totally out of glass, giving an amazing view of the horizon. On the upper storey is a balcony that juts out of the glass wall, out into the open air. I stand here, resting my hands on the glass and metal railing, my palms cupping a mug of strong Guatemalan roast coffee.

It is roughly afternoon, I don’t care to check the time. The sky is overcast, but there are no dark clouds. Just clouds. Sad, morose, miserable clouds not allowing the sunlight to seep through. Such a kind of an atmosphere almost always puts you in an introspective mood. I reflect on the past. All that has happened. This villa has become a sort of self-reflecting getaway for me in the recent years. Lost in my train of thoughts, I search the skies for answers that have no questions, and then I see it.

I squint my eyes to see it, because it’s very very far away, but it wasn’t something you would miss. Black clouds were gathering in a far away distance, and seemed like slowly advancing. All of a sudden, all was quiet. Calm before a storm? As my mind wandered to this new development, I frowned at the possibility of rains. I liked rains, but they weren’t meant to be enjoyed when you’re alone on such a lousy day. The dark was gathering rapidly now and I sensed something amiss. Since when did storm clouds take on an absolute black colour? Weren’t they always supposed to be dark gray?

As the black mass slowly approached, I sensed it might not be storm clouds after all, but rather a procession of blackbirds. But I doubted if any living soul had ever seen such a huge flock of birds, be it of any colour. The dark ‘mass’ covered the whole of the visible sky above and seemed to pick up speed as it prepared to approach the sky right above me. I was just trying to make head or tail of this addition to the sky when I saw them! Terror paralyzed me! I stood stock still!

COFFINS! A horde of black coffins! My mind refused to think, my heart refused to slow down and my muscles refused to move. Hundreds of coffins painted sharp, jet black fly above me, like a silent procession of death itself. The whole day has become utterly silent, the coffins making absolutely no sound as they floated above me, a live graveyard with no destination in sight. Wide-eyed, I just look on as this utterly strong omen flew above me. What was in store? The heavens (or should I say hells?) alone know.

I decide that the cold, and now uninteresting, coffee was a lost cause. I lay the mug down and proceed to walk out down the fields to gather some understanding of this recent and unexpected turn of events. There is a barren, trodden path down a certain slope that leads to the (supposed) market area of this particular village. As soon as I reach the market area, the first thing I notice is that it is totally deserted. Not a soul in sight! Have the villagers emptied the place after the bad omen in the sky? Did they even see it? I see half-empty vegetable carts lying around, stacks of hay piled in a corner, a cow tied to a stump, blankly gazing into nothingness and chewing on something. Was it not frightened? As I take the scene in, my already strange day is soon to become stranger.

A deafening crack rips through the air. The whole earth begins to tremble. The cow is now starting to tense. In an instant, a huge earthquake rips apart the ground in two, the crack spreading ahead in a hellish zigzag. Was this the calamity that the omen foretold? I never get to an answer, because I’m confused of a far more worrying thought. Even though the living daylights have been torn apart by this ‘earthquake from the other-world’, I notice that I stand unaffected. In the middle of the market road. Not a grain of dust on me, not a single strand of hair out of place. It’s almost like the earthquake has no effect on me. This thought worries me intensely. The cow is still somehow safely tethered to its stump, although totally shaken. The whole day had been turned upside down into a living nightmare!

As if this whole natural calamity occurrence wasn’t enough, the wind starts howling. Rage! It’s like the air is angry that the earth has sustained this demonic shatter and is hell-bent on bringing nothing but destruction in its wake. As I watch the wind howl mightily, I hear a distant rumble. A sound so horrifying that all the hair on my body stand on end. I look behind me to find a gigantic flood racing across the ground to wash away this already devastated village. As the water rises and gushes and destroys, I notice that I just stand above it, dry, safe, and unaffected. Have I already died? Is this my post-death vision? Or is it a premonition? The angry wind takes a turn for the worse as it turns into a mighty tornado. It rips apart the only settlements. The carts and haystacks go either down with the flood or up in the air with the wild wind.

As I watch, still untouched, from my vantage point, the sky begins to roar. The cow is struggling in the gushing water as the stump is losing its grounding. Then suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminates the whole scene in a deathly light. In the same instant, I glance sideways and see the cow hurtling towards my direction, carried away from the stump easily by the tornado. As it approaches me for impact, my eyes open and I wake up, trembling in sweat!


Why B# ?

I got this question posed to me like a hundred times over the last 12 days, ever since I started this blog. Many others as well.

“Why B hash?”
“Shouldn’t stuff come after a hashtag?”
“Is this, like, a mythical reference or something?”
“How are ‘not flat’ and B-hash connected?”
“Are you losing your marbles?”

That last one really forced me into writing this, uhm, you can say, article of clarification. So, well, here goes.

The first order of business that I’d like to clear the air about is that I come from a vast musical background. Music is so much prevalent in my household that you can say it’s part of a daily routine now. Therefore, after learning my western music theory, I always tried to improvise and make stuff up on my own (Oh! And by the way, I teach guitar too!). The title that I chose is actually ‘supposed to be’ a musical note. It should, hence, be read as ‘B sharp’. So, to a general reader, the blog title requests them to be sharp in their outlook towards life.

(A point of note in music theory here. The note B does not exist. B is actually referred to as C. Thus, here, another meaning implies. The title also instructs the reader to open his eyes and see and perceive life more clearly.)

Now, the by-line goes as “Because see, flat is never an option. Get it?” Do you indeed get it? Just a little bit of wordplay and I have made a statement that being flat in life isn’t an option. How? Again, cut to music theory. The ‘see, flat’ part in the by-line is actually the note of C (read as ‘C flat’). This also does not actually exist. A C note is actually a B note. Again an intended pun stating that just to be is not a good thing for moving forward in life.

After I explained this to my mum, she said I’m going crazy. Am I indeed losing my marbles? Well, I can’t see any downside to that!

Toodles for now! Be sharp! Be an edge above the rest! Cheers!

Echoes might be the trippiest song ever made

Aah, Pink Floyd! Masters of Psychedelic music. How many have had epic trips being high, drunk or just numb listening to so many of their out of the universe masterpieces. I’ve always felt that these people weren’t from this planet. To compose and write music of such psychedelic proportions is a task no common musician can achieve. We Floydians have always wondered what did they partake to get high on during their 50 or so (and still counting) years of dominance as a top class progressive/psychedelic act, blending unconventional methods of music-making; little known instruments and sound effects; deep, philosophical and mystical song-writing; and lengthy musical passages. So, before I delve further into details about one such song, let me clear the air about some jargon that I might use.

Psychedelic (adj.)

  • of or noting a mental state characterized by a profound sense of intensified sensory perception, sometimes accompanied by severe perceptual distortion and hallucinations and by extreme feelings of either euphoria or despair.

Trippy (adj.)

  • suggestive of or resembling the effect produced by a hallucinogenic drug

Echoes is an original composition by Pink Floyd that appeared on their 1971 album, Meddle. At 23:31 minutes long, it takes up the whole of the second side of their original LP. What intrigues me the most about this particular song is that all the elements that go into the making of a song have been so carefreely improvised, mixed and assembled that every element, taken out separately, would assist into taking your ‘trips’ to a whole new level.


The first sound. That definitive ping that resonates and repeats for a while, gives a haunting, empty feeling, cancelling out any remnant noise and drawing your full attention to what is about to come. This sound was created as a result of an experiment which involved sending the sound signal of the high notes of a grand piano through a pair of fast rotating amplifying speakers. As the pings progress, the Hammond Organ, played by Richard Wright, comes in. Played in free scale, it appears as if some little animal is scurrying through the keys, strengthening the feeling that you’re truly in for a haunting experience. David Gilmour’s legendary Fender Strat guitar slowly creeps in, the slow pulls and bends soothing the mind (A word of note here: this song can be best experienced by plugging in a pair of earphones, sitting in a dark and silent room, and listening with your eyes closed. Some whiskey or weed or both might be the proverbial cherry on the cake!).

The vocals start with a very distinctive and unnatural tone of voice. If heard closely, Roger Waters sings with David Gilmour, the latter singing in a higher scale. This mystical sound was achieved by plugging two recorders at opposite corners of the studio and taping and overtaping the voices of Waters and Gilmour. We’ll talk about the lyrics in a while. At about 7 minutes into the song, a groovy funk progression begins, slowly allowing you to slip into a semi-trance state. Some really exquisite guitar work is displayed by David Gilmour in this 4 minute long passage. At 11 minutes, this passage fades into one of the most haunting musical pieces I’ve heard. Ever. Period.

A horror-like heavy wind blowing sound emanates from Roger Waters’s bass. Waters used a steel slide on his bass and passed the sound through and echo-producing amplifier. Along with this horror-ish background comes the high pitched seagull cries that truly raise the hair on the back of your neck. That loud screech chills you down to the spine. (A word of caution here: If you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep, you should probably skip this passage). David Gilmour revealed in an interview that he discovered this sound effect accidentally when he reversed the cabling to his wah pedal. Sometimes great effects are the results of this kind of pure serendipity. After this haunting section, muted notes give you a build-up to the last stanza, later concluding the song with another ascending note build-up.


“Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me”

The above is just a small of example of the sheer depth and philosophical mysticism that Roger Waters is capable of incorporating in his music. To me, the overall context of the lyrics is to describe the potential of understanding of a human being towards others and the universe as a whole. Words are always very important to convey the mood or subject or context of the song to the listener, or to let him interpret his own meaning out of them. Such trippy lyrics always make you delve into a very dense forest of thoughts, of introspection, and of a higher level of understanding which is, otherwise, seldom achievable. Echoes is that kind of poetry which lets you get a grip on the simplest things in life, while explaining how complex they are in their own meaning. A paradox. That is what you are, I am, life is, as is this universe. Those who understand, find oneness in everything.

“And through the window in the wall
Come streaming in on sunlight wings
A million bright ambassadors of morning”



This first image above is the cover to Pink Floyd’s compilation album “Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd” (no, it does not contain all Pink Floyd songs). Noted artist Storm Thorgerson (known for working on majority of Pink Floyd’s as well as Dream Theater’s album covers) submitted this design while this album was in the talks. If you surf through Pink Floyd’s albums before 2001 (the year of issue of this album), you will find that elements from all those albums have been incorporated into this one. See if you can find two crossed hammers with red handles and a hanging portrait of Pink Floyd’s first album ‘The Piper at The Gates of Dawn’.


The second image above is the album cover for the Echoes track from its original album ‘Meddle’. It is said that this appears as different to each viewer. It appears as some weird snail’s face to me. The artist has said that this is a photograph of a human ear submerged under water. Yes, very trippy, isn’t it? Keep finding!


While you marvel on the sheer legend and amazing quality of this track, I’ll leave you all to peruse it in high quality, while synchronized with the final segment of Stanley Kubrick’s classic film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Because, well, we all need a good trip! Peace!